Bridge Goes Up in Darebin Creek to Yarra River Trail Link

The bridge span across the Yarra River to link to the Darebin Creek Trail in Victoria was installed last week, on Thursday June 22.

The trail linking the two locations, known as the Darebin Creek Trail, has been in talks for the past 23 years, and the first step of its connection to the Main Yarra Trail and the Greater Melbourne shared-path network was greeted by many happy cyclists.

Fifty spectators tramped across Willsmere Park, Kew East, to the river to watch the spans of the bridge get lifted into place.

The finished bridge still needs its 4m-wide deck – and one kilometre of path to and from it – but the two 62-tonne spans are now in place.

The spans are on temporary supports until the cantilevers are built out from the abutments.

The final bridge will comprise the spans plus the cantilevers, for a total length of 60 metres.

The bridge is contracted to be finished by August.

Next in the project will be the construction of ramps for the bridge, and finally the trail itself.

The trail itself is being constructed last because the route is being used as an access track for the project.

VicRoads has stated that there will be a grand opening of the finished bridge later in the year, with October being suggested as a likely time.

Joshua Matic
Joshua Matic

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