Uni-Cycling vs Bike Polo at Bicycle NSW Spring Cycle

A rather unusual event will take place at this year’s Bicycle NSW Spring Cycle in Sydney, with a pick-up game to be played between unicyclists and bike polo players.

It will all be a part of this year’s massive Spring Cycle event, which is being staged by Bicycle NSW the weekend of October 14 and 15.

The main rides around Sydney will take place on Sunday the 15th, however, the uni-cycling and bike polo will be held on Saturday the 14th, as part of the event’s ‘Super Weekend’.

The weekend will also feature criterium lap racing, cycle speed dates, seminars and Q&As, exhibitors, and Bicycle User Groups.

As well as the unicycle v bike polo event, there will also be opportunities to learn how to unicycle, and play bike polo.

“Have you always wanted to have a go on a unicycle or play a game of bike polo? Spring Cycle Super Weekend gives you a chance to try it all out. Experienced riders will be on hand to give you all the tips and there are uni-cycling bikes to test out your skills,” says Bicycle NSW on the Spring Cycle website.

Bicycle NSW said for those a little more experienced, the pick-up game would be for them.

“During the day there will also be pick-up games between uni-cycling and bike polo players. With five unicyclists versus three bike polo riders, it is guaranteed to be entertaining.”

“For the more experienced riders, there will be a knock-out competition of bike polo vs uni-cycling in the afternoon and a final match where the best team will be crowned champion.”

Registrations for teams will open soon on the Spring Cycle website.

The unicycle v bike polo event will kick off at 1pm, at the games pitch at Spring Cycle.

Joshua Matic
Joshua Matic

Josh’s charming demeanour gained him employment for Roundbox Media, after he found love, proposed to his fiancée and moved from the nation’s capital. You can hear him singing in the hallways – cause that’s just the way he is – and this has earned him the fitting nickname – Josh O Matic. Oh yes! It’s the singing sports journalist. It’s Josh O Matic. Time to get the pom poms out.

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